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Specification Guide - File Information

  • Provide a hard copy printed proof of the document to be produced.
  • Supply documents as single pages in sequential order in a single PDF.
  • Covers with spines are to be supplied as a single page pdf inclusive of front cover, back cover and spine width. Refer to your quote or contact your account manager for the correct spine width.
  • View bounding box of PDFs in Acrobat with crop tool – check crop, trim and bleed area.
  • Be aware of hairline strokes. Use nothing less than 0.25pt for 100% tint line, or 0.5pt for a percentage of a single colour line.
  • Panel sizes on roll-fold documents must be set up correctly. Refer to our quote or contact your account manager for correct panel sizes.
  • Ensure fonts are embedded or converted to outlines in PDFs.
  • Make the bleed amount 3mm. Internal information should be kept 5mm inside the trim area. Allow 5mm bleed for covers.
  • All images must be CMYK (not RGB) with a resolution of 300dpi. Mono raster images should be a minimum 1200dpi.
  • Determine that no more than 310% ink limit is exceeded. To check the PDF, open the ‘Output Preview’ window in Acrobat and tick the ‘Total Area Coverage’ box, set the ink weight amount to 310%. The highlighted areas indicate if it is more than the predetermined amount.
    Note: Advance Press is able to print a heavier weight but please talk to your account manager for more information.
  • Blacks need to print dark rather than grey so create a ‘rich black’ process colour swatch of 100K 40C 40M 40Y. Rich black is best used for large areas of black, eg backgrounds, boxes, banners and text set at large sizes.
  • Check how your artwork will separate for print using InDesign ‘Separations’ and Acrobat ‘Output Preview’ palettes.
  • View the number of colours, spot colours and check rich blacks.
  • Check that all black text is overprinting by toggling the black swatch on/off. Also check black text is 100% black and not made out of four colour process colours (CMYK).
  • Check that the required spot colours separate correctly.
  • Check that non-spot colours are set to process (CMYK).
  • Use Pantone™ (PMS) names when adding spot colours. Avoid multiple version names of the same spot colour in your document. For example “Pantone 485 CVC” is seen as a different colour to “Pantone 485 CV”. If the PMS colour is used in an Illustrator logo, place this into the page layout program to create the swatch.
  • Ensure that only the colour swatches that have been used in the document are included in the PDF.
  • Set page size to the finished size of the printed item when trimmed.
  • Forme-cut artwork will have the page size set to the outer most dimensions of the forme when flat.
  • Check that the finished size is the same size indicated on our quote. If not, contact your account manager to update this information.
  • Set forme cut-strokes to a spot colour 0.5pt in weight.
  • Forme strokes and fi lls must be set to overprint.
  • Forme can be included in the job, but also supply as a separate file.
  • Set up varnishes and/or spot UV varnishes and embellishments as solid (100%) spot colours and they can be supplied as separate files.

Specification Guide - Media

  • Supply files as a print industry PDF using job options.
  • Advance conforms to ISO colour standards and prints within press and production tolerances so that desired colours are achieved.

PDF Creation

  • Export from InDesign CS2 or later using ‘Advance Hi Res’ job options supplied as above.
  • Alternatively use ‘High Quality Print’ job option adjusting the following settings only:

Marks and Bleeds:

      • Add crop marks and page information only.
      • Offset trim marks to 4mm. Ensure trim marks do not touch the image area.
      • Do not use ‘Document Bleed Setting’.
      • Set your bleed as ‘Custom’ to 3mm all around

Turn off all colour management.

Naming Conventions

  • Files produced with forme cuts, varnishes or other embellishments, are to be set up to the chart supplied. This procedure maps the colour through our pre-press workflow so that the correct trapping is applied.
  • Ensure the colour swatch is created as a spot colour with the breakdown in CMYK as shown in the table below.
Description Sample Naming Breakdown
Die Cut Die Cut 100M
Satin varnish Varnish 40M 40Y
UV varnish UV Varnish UV Varnish 50C 50Y
Gloss varnish Gloss Varnish Gloss Varnish 100M
Matt varnish Matt Varnish Matt Varnish 20M 30Y
Overprint black Overprint Black Overprint Black 100K
Emboss Emboss Emboss 50C 20K
Foil Foil Foil 100K
Fold line Fold Line Fold line 100K
Edge trim Edge trim E T 100K
Perforation Perforation Perf 100M 100Y
Timed cut Timed Cut T Cut 90C 10M 100Y 2K
Remoistenable glue, no ink, no varnish Remoistenable Glue R Glue 74M 74Y
Permanent glue, no ink, no varnish Permanent Glue Perm Glue 100C
Extracted waste Extracted Waste E W 3C 2M 31Y

Proof Manager requires a specific fi le name suffix variable to recognise and process/render the PDF correctly.

Document type Suffix variable File name example
CMYK .C.pdf filename.C.pdf
SPOT .S.pdf filename.S.pdf
METALLIC .M.pdf filename.M.pdf
B+W .K.pdf filename.K.pdf
VARNISH .V.pdf filename.V.pdf

All document types are to be supplied as one complete PDF with pages in the page order OR as individual pages – see below (where “#” indicates page number).

Document type Suffix variable File name example
CMYK .C.pdf filename.C.pg57.pdf
SPOT .S.pdf filename.S.pg57.pdf
METALLIC .M.pdf filename.M.pg57.pdf
B+W .K.pdf filename.K.pg57.pdf
VARNISH .V.pdf filename.V.pg57.pdf

Document types to be supplied as single page PDFs.

If multiple impositions are necessary, the variable name will now have a fixed portion.
For example:
filename.Cover.C.pdf and filename.Text.C.pdf with filename.Cover.V.pdf and filename.Text.V.pdf.


Standard Folder Templates
We can also source and supply alternative and custom-made dielines.

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